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Kids Playing Treasure Hunt

Current Programs: 

After-School Enrichment (ASE) - NEW! 

We are thrilled to offer after-school care for children ages 5-12 during the upcoming 2019-2020 

academic year. We offer a safe, structured environment which gives assistance to young people 

with completion of their homework, in addition to providing experiential opportunities, 

socializing, and a snack before being picked up. We aim to provide tutoring in the subjects that

students need the most, and offer a much safer, and more engaging alternative to "latch key


Recreation Programs


This is a premier competitive dance team for ages 9-18 (age 8 may be considered). Our athletes will learn strength, coordination, dedication, responsibility, commitment, respect for themselves and others,sportsmanship, and teamwork.


Monthly youth dances are chaperoned by adult volunteers for children grades 4 – 6. Social and

communication skills are exhibited at the dances. They are able to express themselves through dance.

Snacks are given and sold. The cost is $5.00 per child.

Upcoming Programs 

and Events:

Check back often for new programs and workshops being offered. We will be scheduling various opportunities for the fall and winter seasons! See our calendar below! 

LCCDC is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Copyrighted, all rights reserved. 

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