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Board of Directors

Kenneth Muse, President

Deveata Fuller, Vice President

Shaina Bowser-Harris, Vice Chair

Carmen Hodnett, Treasurer

Deon Matthews, Secretary


Terry Abston

Denise Bonner-Parks

William Clarke

Wanda Dyson

Annette Felder

Monica Hazelwood-Frisby

Board Committees



Policies & Procedures

Yvonne Jackson-Wilson is the Chief Executive Officer, Founder, and Visionary of Life Chaning Community Development Corporation (LCCDC). God gave Yvonne the vision to create this nonprofit so that LCCDC could provide a place where all people would be welcomed to come and experist by way of the various programs and activities for all age

Volunteer Staff

Terry Abston - Program Coordinator

         Shaina Bowser-Harris

Shaivonne Bowser - Youth

William Clarke - Local ArtistShaina  Sh

DeVeata “Dee” Fuller - Program Instructor

Annette Felder 

Tia Goode - Program Instructor

Monica Hazelwood-Frisby

Eunice Lee

Waymond Mitchell

Cathy Parker - Consultant

Reggie White



Boys & Girls Club Greater Washington (S.E.)

Community Resources Link, LLC

Flow Ministries, Inc.

IRockMyScars, Inc.

Nottoway County Public Schools

Nottoway Juvenile Justice District 11

Nottoway Library

Petersburg City Public Schools

Town of Blackstone

VANG Counterdrug Task Force

Virginia Cooperative Extension

*Nottoway (4-H)

...and many wonderful and committed individuals.

Interested Student
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